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For our 200th Episode and to celebrate 5 years of doing the show, the fine humans of Marshall Brewing Company were kind enough to let us use some space in their beautiful new taproom to do a podcast.  Wes Alexander, the director of marketing and sales for Marshall, joins the show to discuss the law changes that went into effect October 1, what's still to come for the new taproom, and generally impart beer knowledge on us all.

In addition to Wes' appearance on the show, we brought former Tulsa podcaster Jason Ferguson out of retirement to talk with us about the history of the show, where it's been and going, as well as discussion about favorite beers and other aspects of craft beer that we have learned while doing the show.

Then, to round out the celebration, a friend of the show and avid craft beer drinker, Joe, joins us while we discuss our first memories of drinking craft/non-macro/different beer.


Enormous thank you to everyone who listens to the show, follows us on social media, welcomes us into their breweries, taprooms, and businesses for the show, and generally supports what we are doing here on Pub Talk.  Special thanks to our respective significant others for putting up with us doing this every week and being supportive of the podcast!

Check out this special episode, ideally while enjoying a hand crafted adult beverage!


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